LUISS Data Lab

LUISS Data Lab Center

LUISS Data Lab is an international research center focusing on new and social media, data science, digital humanities, artificial intelligence and digital storytelling affiliated to LUISS School of Government.

The Board

Directed by Gianni Riotta, the center carries out basic and applied research in the field of Big Data and digital transformation, relying on a multidisciplinary perspective that is at once quantitative and qualitative, comparative or focused on political, economic and social case studies.
The center developed an original approach on the analysis of storytelling, using AI algorithms to analyse in a coherent narrative different topics and trends.


Researchers at LUISS Data Lab have been working on the topic of disinformation and fake news, developing the Compass prototype, awarded with a Google Digital News Initiative grant and two Seals of Excellence European Union, being included in the ‘Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem’ of the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale. Their works have been published by international journals, discussed at the World Economic Forum and in the European Commission. Director Riotta, who is also professor at Princeton University, is one of the appointed members of the European Union’s High Level group on fake news and online disinformation.

Current research topics include, among the others, the use of social media for election forecasting, the theme of young people e-literacy and the development of comprehensive digital skills required to achieve digital competence and a confident and critical use of ITC.