Data Intelligence Workshop




10:00 - 12:00
Luiss Guido Carli

Viale Romania, 32, 00197 Roma RM

The workshop, organized by the researchers of the Luiss Data Lab, was conceived to provide participants with the basic skills to rethink the role of data in information narration. In particular, the different modules, edited by the director Gianni Riotta together with the researchers Alice Andreuzzi, Luca Tacchetti and Noemi Trino, focused on the following educational objectives: - Acquire the ability to manage multidimensional data analysis; ● Develop new communication and digital storytelling techniques: tracing strategies and analysis for digital journalism, new communication techniques, data driven information, for traditional and online publications, but also for brands and companies that need content providers, data analysts, viewers, storytellers; ● Develop strategies applied to investigative security issues; ● Understand the use of Big Data and Analytics to get new business opportunities. ● Apply creation strategies and progressive growth of audience and community to the benefit of existing or newly created journalistic publications; ● Talk to the basic data terminology; ● Understand and counteract disinformation phenomena contrary to freedom of expression.