Projects and research

New e social media, data science, digital humanities, intelligenza artificiale e narrativa digitale dei dati.

The Luiss Data Lab Research Center specializes in new and social media, data science, digital humanities, artificial intelligence and digital data narrative. Deals with:

  • Collect, analyze and process data, information or material with innovative narrative methods and with the support of algorithms and new technologies;
  • Promote and support eLiteracy activities;
  • Organize and promote data driven innovation workshops and seminars;
  • Conducting studies and research in the field of new data driven technologies: machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT.
  • Carrying out the dissemination of information and research papers through the production of publications, papers and articles in national and international journals;
  • Participate, in collaboration with consortia of companies, companies, national and international institutions and universities, in Italian and European research bids and projects.

The Luiss Data Lab is a partner of the Horizon 2020 SOMA Project “Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis” ICT 28d-2018 – Future Hyper-connected Sociality and, with its director, part of the European Union High Level Group, Luiss Data Lab has always been involved in the recognition and analysis of the dissemination of disinformation, fake news and social utilities. Further topics of investigation and research in-depth:

  • The phenomenon of echo chambers and the role of “passive” and / or “peripheral” users
  • Reliability, Credibility and Trust perceived. Politicians, Newspapers, Influencers: do they follow or are followed by their followers?
  • Data and narrative: is it possible to build a coherent narrative of data?