Luiss Data Lab is a research center specializing in new and social media, data science, digital humanities, artificial intelligence and digital narrative of the Free International University of Social Studies Guido Carli.

The center, founded in January 2018, is based at the Luiss School of Government, directed by Professor Giovanni Orsina.

The direction

Under the direction of Gianni Riotta, Luiss Data Lab carries out basic and applied research in the field of Big Data, new technologies and digital transformation, with a multidisciplinary perspective, quantitative and qualitative, comparative and focused on political, economic and social case studies with ad hoc narratives and videographs.

The activities

The various activities of the research center, based in the historic Luiss campus of Viale Pola 12, in Rome, include participation in national and international research projects, as well as the creation and publication of papers, reports and articles in scientific journals.

Research activities are supported by the organization and management of seminars, workshops and academic courses, organized by researchers at the Data Lab. Among the activities conducted by researchers at the Luiss Data Lab, the work on disinformation and fake news deserves special mention. with participation in the European Union’s High Level Group and through the development of the Compass prototype, awarded with a Digital News Initiative Google grant and two Seal of Excellence European Union and with inclusion in the Agency’s Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem for Digital Italy.