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22 August 2022

MediaFutures – Propaganda Narratives & Tech Journalism

Learn how to identify and analyse propaganda in modern media, and understand how it can change our perception. Luiss Data Lab, partner of the European innovation hub MediaFutures, presents a new Media Literacy online event on 12th-13th September.

“Building Narratives: How Propaganda can change our perception” will take place on Monday 12th September, from 15.00 to 18.00 CEST. This session will focus on conspiracy narratives and propaganda techniques, which have come to dominate our national and international political and social discourse like in no other time in modern history. It is therefore essential that we understand the operation of the conspiracy narrative, its psychological allure, political function, and devastating social consequences. The main purpose of this session is to engage in critical discourse on the way audiences are consuming news in a technology and mobile-driven era, and to learn how to apply best practices in new media organisations in a digital environment. Click here to register.

Gianni Riotta - Director of Data Lab and School of Journalism at 'LUISS'
Jacopo Iacoboni - Journalist at 'La Stampa'
Denis Teyssou - Media Lab R&D Editorial Manager at 'Agence France-Presse (AFP)'
Virginia Padovese - Managing Editor and Vice President of Partnerships, Europe at 'NewsGuard Technologies'
Ruslan Deynychenko - Co-founder and Executive Director at 'Stop Fake'
Maia Klassen - Coordinator of Media Literacy Program University of Tartu, Estonia
Giovanni Ponti - Professor of Economics of Behaviour at 'LUISS'
Ben Scott - Director 'Luminates Strategic Initiative'

“Future Trends of Technology in Media and Journalism” will take place on Tuesday 13th September, from 15.00 to 18.00 CEST. This session will guide you across the future trends of technology in media innovation, and will show how they are being embraced by media organisations, journalists and audiences. We will highlight the importance and value that data contains and will introduce participants to various databases and tools. An overview of visualisation techniques will also be given, in order to best present high quality information and fight disinformation and fake news. Click here to register.

Gianni Riotta - Director of Data Lab and School of Journalism at 'LUISS'
Linda Bernstein - Professor of Journalism at 'Long Island University' and digital trainer
Virginia Stagni, Head of Business Development at 'Financial Times'
Anna De Liddo - Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Knowledge Media Institute
Elena Musi - Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media at 'The University of Liverpool'
Simona Panseri - Communications Director at 'Google'
Andrea Silvestrini - Head of Operations at 'Spotify'
Rev. Andrii Shestak - Director, School of Journalism & Communication UCU

* You can request the certificate delivered by Luiss Data Lab after the 13th of September, by emailing to datalab@luiss.it

For questions about MediaFutures online event, please email datalab@luiss.it